Bearwhale's ideas for marijuana reformEdit

Age Limit is 21Edit

The age limit for marijuana should be set at 21 or older in order to buy or possess marijuana. The purpose for this is twofold: 1) Many people still are ignorant of marijuana for the large part. The culture may however change so that the sale of marijuana would be bumped down to say, 18 years of age. And 2) While more is known about marijuana now than when it was illegal, keeping cannabis at 21 would reduce the supposed "risk" of younger minds being somehow negatively affected by cannabis.

No smoking in public or in barsEdit

The risk of hotboxing makes marijuana a no-go for bars, since other people may want to drink and/or smoke tobacco without getting high from marijuana. Bars with designated patios are acceptable if the bar allows the smoking of marijuana in their district. Smoking marijuana on the street is not tolerated. Marijuana can however be smoked on an owner's property with the approval of that owner.

Marijuana Production LicenseEdit

Growing marijuana for personal use is allowed, but growing marijuana to sell is prohibited unless that seller has obtained a license to grow and distribute from their local or state governments. Immediately as the law takes effect, any grower of marijuana above 10 plants must register their field or risk confiscation and an auction to licensed marijuana growers and sellers. To obtain a license, the seller must allow a state inspector on their grounds as well as keep records of their history of where they got their goods and at what prices they sell them. States are allowed to lower their taxes on marijuana growers to stimulate growth of the market.

Marijuana EconomyEdit

Each state must develop a price at which marijuana should be sold until a nationwide sale price can be found. The price must be at least 10% added onto the minimum price but be 1) high enough so that marijuana sellers and growers make minimum wage and 2) low enough so that the running illegal prices are either matched or undercut.

Driving While IntoxicatedEdit

DUI's or DWI's pertaining to marijuana are strictly prohibited.

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